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Getting job information through email

Why set up email notifications

You may want to have the scheduler send you email on certain events.  For example, if your job is expected to run for a long time, you might want the scheduler to tell you if it fails, or if it completes via email. If the queue is long and you want to know when your job started, you can do that also.

How do I set up Job Notification Emails?

Add the following to you sbumission script to set the email address:

#SBATCH --mail-user=$  

Set different types of notifications:

#SBATCH --mail-type=BEGIN
#SBATCH --mail-type=END
#SBATCH --mail-type=FAIL
#SBATCH --mail-type=REQUEUE
#SBATCH --mail-type=ALL

All of these can also be set on the command line when submitting the jobs

You may also want to set up a file called ".forward" in you home directory with your email address for any other stray emails from the system