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About the HPC Center


The mission of the High Performance Computing Center at Caltech is to support the research efforts of scientists performing sponsored research.  To accomplish this, the HPC Center:

  • Evaluates, acquires and deploys high performance computing resources, including both computing systems and software
  • Offers training workshops, seminars, and lectures in academic classes to educate and prepare new users of these resources provides expert consulting and technical documentation to assist researchers in using these resources effectively
  • Conducts research and testing of new computational techniques and technologies that enhance the capabilities of high performance computing resources
  • Collaborate with national labs, computing centers and HPC vendors to enhance the capabilities of the resources in use at the center
Simulated View of Milky Way Galaxy Simulated view of our Milky Way galaxy, seen from a nearly face-on angle. This image was created by simulating the formation of our galaxy using a supercomputer, which, in this case, consisted of 2,000 computers linked together. Credit: Hopkins Research Group/Caltech
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