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HPC at Caltech

Do you need high performance computing resources for your research?  You've come to the right place!


High performance computing has become an important element of research on campus.  Many groups have wanted to build clusters or run cloud-based ephemeral compute jobs, but do not know where to start. 

IMSS can help!  Whether containing just a few nodes or thousands of nodes,  IMSS can design, construct and maintain compute clusters both on campus and in the Amazon cloud.  We can implement high speed interconnects, parallel filesystems, or simple gigabit based clusters with NFS.

Latest News

We are pleased to announce availability of Open OnDemand 2.0.29 on the Resnick cluster.

New File Manager app
Tighter integration between the Dashboard, Active Jobs, and Files apps
Pinned Apps: Enhanced app launch interface using large app icons on the dashboard
Shell app now has themes
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Current Cluster Statistics

The Resnick High Performance Computing Center is supported by the Resnick Sustainability Institute.  Additional support for the establishment of the Center was received from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation