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Containers on the Central HPC Cluster

The Central HPC Cluster supports Singularity ContainersIf you already have docker file, you can often rebuild for singularity with the existing file.  Singularity can also pull from dockerhub to build on your local machine or from a cloud build host (cloud build does not require elevated privileges on the cluster to run).

Here we will discuss how to do a cloud build from the Central HPC Cluster:

Get access tokens for the cloud build here:

Load the singularity module in your shell:

   module load singularity/3.3.0

Run the following command to enter the access token using (paste in the key):

   singularity remote login

Build remotely and pull to the cluster (example below):

    singularity build --remote ubuntu.sif docker://ubuntu

In most cases the above will create a runnable singularity container image. 

    singularity run ubunutu.sif grep VERSION_ID  /etc/os-release VERSION_ID="18.04"